Mason Dixon Trail – Map 3

Wago Junction to Trinity Church Road South of Wrightsville

Approximately 8 miles of this Mason Dixon Trail section hugs the coast of the Susquehanna River. Views of the river, birds, kayakers and the small islands in the water make for a peaceful walk along Riverview and River Drives. This section also boasts unique historical sites certain to catch the attention of anyone walking along the trail.

The Gut Road Train bridge, built in 1904, welcomes walkers to the small town of Saginaw, Mt. Wolf, PA.

This section begins on Gut Road, an unpaved street that runs along Hartman Run.

Upon entering Saginaw, the roadway transforms from the stone country road to a paved street that follows the rail tracks that once transported lumber.

The trail moves to sidewalks along a neighborhood area on Riverview Road and then crosses the Codorus Creek, returning to a lightly traveled country stone road: River Farm Road.

A post-rainstorm view of Codorus Creek from the Codorus Furnace Road Bridge.

The farm road peels away from the Codorus and weaves through forests and fields, ending on Furnace Road, named for the historic iron forge, Codorus Furnace, located near the trail.

A lone Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly resting on River Farm Road

We saw a lot of Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies as we walked on River Farm Road. They were clustered in groups and I was surprised to have captured a photo of one alone on the road.

After a short .3 mile road walk, the path returns to a dirt trail that proceeds through the Hellam Hills Nature Preserve. The last half mile of this 2.7 mile trek through the Preserve has lovely views of Dugan Run.

Dugan Run
Susquehanna River

The trail returns to River Drive for almost 4 miles, passing riverfront homes and the old Accomac Inn, where my husband and I had many dinner dates in our early marriage. It is a magnificent historic building, originally built in 1741, and reconstructed after a fire in 1935. Sadly, the restaurant closed in 2018 and is currently up for sale. We parked in the lot for our walk to Wrightsville, and reminisced about fine candlelit dinners.

The historic Accomac Inn

The M-D T passes under the Route 30 bridge, travels on S. Front Street, past the old Lime Kilns in the town of Wrightsville. The Wrightsville Lime Kilns were used to burn limestone and create fertilizer, whitewash and plaster from the 1860s to 1940s.

Wrightsville Lime Company Kilns

After passing through Wrightsville, the trail briefly trades sidewalks for a .2 mile towpath at the water’s edge.

Towpath along the Susquehanna in Wrightsville

Approximately .2 mile from the bridge over Kreutz Creek, the Mason Dixon returns to the woods. Close to a mile along the woodsy path, the trail crosses under Route 624 via a watery culvert, continuing on .9 miles to Hilt Road.

The culvert under Route 624

At mile 16.8, the trail enters Highpoint Park, a grassy exposed “high point” overlooking the Susquehanna River and surrounding area.

Highpoint Park includes 79 miles of scenic meadowlands and a 360 degree view of the Susquehanna River and surrounding hills.

At the top of Highpoint Park

Printable PDF Map 3

Parking and restroom options west to east

Mile 0 – 1.8 – Multiple pull-offs along Gut Road

Mile 2.4 – Road side parking space as 2nd Street becomes Riverview Drive

Mile 3.9 – 150′ east of the trail on Codorus Furnace Road, Codorus Furnace parking lot (turn right after crossing the bridge; the trail turns left)

Mile 4.6 – River Farm Road – 2-3 parking spaces at the end of the road

Mile 6.7 – River Drive – 2 road-side parking spaces at the trailhead

Mile 10.6 – Accomac Inn parking lot

Mile 14.3 – Front Street river side parking lot

Mile 16.8 – York County Heritage High Point Park parking lot; restroom

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