Mason Dixon Trail – Map 8

North East to Pleasant Valley Road in Delaware

Map 8 is a 16.4 mile stretch, 8.3 miles within the Elk Neck State Forest. The remainder is on roadways through Elkton, Maryland and into the state of Delaware. There is little elevation change, reaching the highest point 206′ along the trail in the state forest.

The trail weaves through Elk State Forest on trail and forest roads. At mile 3.1, the dirt path turns right onto a forest road and continues only .1 mile until turning left onto a hunter access trail.

Continue on the well marked trails, crossing the creek near Plum Creek Pond at mile 4.6.

Mile 4.6 Bridge stream near Plum Creek Pond

At mile 8.7, leave the Elk Neck State Forest at the gated roadway. There is parking for 3-4 vehicles at this dead-end section of Harminski Road.

Dead-end on Huminski Road

Road walk from Huminski Road, turning right onto Old Elk State Road (mile 8.9) and a left onto Jones Chapel Road (9.3). At mile 11, turn left onto Oldfield Point Road. Immediately thereafter is a Fort Defiance marker (sign on post). Cross Little Ek Creek, turn left onto Landing Lane, then right onto Main Street in the town of Elkton.

At mile 11.8, turn right onto Bridge Street and a quick left onto Howard Street. There is a Farmer’s Market nearby with parking lot. Follow the blazes through Meadow Park. Cross Delaware Avenue and continue walking through the park, passing a dog and pond at mile 12.8.

Continue through the park until mile 14, when the trail crosses a small stream and then exits the woods. For 1 mile, follow the blazes onto Melbourne Boulevard, E. Village Road, Delancy Road, Wheelhouse Drive and Tembray Lane. At the end of Tembray Lane (mile 15.4), veer left onto a grassy path that goes between a building and fenced gas substation. Continue onto the grassy power line access road, and cross into the state of Delaware at mile 15.5.

Maryland – Delaware line at mile 15.5

Continue 1 mile to reach Pleasant Valley Road at mile 16.5.

Pleasant Valley Road

Parking options west to east

Note: mileage below is based upon the paper maps of the Mason Dixon Trail Club and not by my gps mapping in the AllTrails app. Parking is designated in the AllTrails map as a second source of information.

Mile 0 – Memorial Cemetery has space for 1 or 2 vehicles

Mile 0 – .3 miles from the trail and cemetery, the North East Elementary School parking lot is available when school is not in session

Mile 3.1 – Space for 6-8 vehicles on the forest road (accessible from Irishtown Road)

Mile 4.8 – Space for a few vehicles along the forest road

Mile 8.7 – Parking available at that dead end of Huminsky Road at the Mason Dixon Trail. Space for 2-4 vehicles.

Mile 11.8 – Road side and parking lot options on Howard Street near the Big Elk Creek and the Farmer’s Market

Mile 12.1 – Parking in Meadow Park

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