Mason Dixon Trail – Map 2

Gifford Pinchot State Park to Wago Junction at the Susquehanna River

Map 2 begins with a 7.1 mile walk through Pinchot State Park. Pinchot is close to my home and I am very familiar with its trails. I was, however, surprised to follow the M-D T onto 2 trails that I had never been on before.

The M-D T begins at Squire Gratz Road, where there is a small parking area for 6-8 cars. The path has virtually no elevation, some rocky sections (no boulders) and periodic views of Beaver Creek and Conewago Lake. This is a great trail for dogs, as there is plenty of opportunity for cooling off in the water sources along the trail.

Beaver Creek Trail and Mason Dixon Trail entrance on Squire Gratz Road

At 1.5 miles, the trails opens into a large parking area used for boat launches. There is a restroom building on site. After crossing Route 177, the trail returns to a forest path that winds through the campground, woods and along Pinchot Lake, which is absolutely lovely.

The Mason Dixon Trail passes the shores of Lake Pinchot, and it is hard to walk by without a little dip in the water!

The remaining 15.2 miles is on roads through Conewago Township. The first 6 miles are lightly traveled, with plenty of opportunity to step off of the road in case of an oncoming vehicle.

Bull Road crosses the Conewago Creek, southeast of Pinchot State Park.

On Copenhaffer Road, Sasquatch stands guard in front of the BDH Custom Chain Saw Carving company.

Sasquatch on the Mason Dixon Trail. I always thought I would run into him in the woods, not beside a road…

Around mile 15.2 (M-D T map; 16 on my GPS), traffic increased and I was quite concerned for pedestrian safety. Cloverleaf Road crosses Interstate 83, and there is a lot of traffic in this area. The signage is a little confusing, as there are markings for no pedestrians, and yet the blue blazes are posted on the same sign pole. I made a run for it and crossed safely, but was on hyper alert for the many tractor trailer trucks entering and exiting the highway.

A lot of traffic at the I83 interchange, plus confusing signage: no pedestrians and a blue blaze marking the path.

Continuing eastward, there is one other busy traffic section: George Street Extended. Fortunately, George Street has a wide berm, but the traffic moves at a very fast pace. The next 2 roads, Meeting House and Board Road, were walkable with sidewalks or wide grassy areas to stay off the road proper.

This underpass is pretty, but a bit dangerous for pedestrians, as the curve blocks vision and the roadway is narrow.
Hartman Run travels along Wago Road

Caution is need as walkers pass under an overpass at mile 22.2. Turn right onto Gut Road and follow the instructions on Map 3.

Gut Road

Printable PDF Map 2

Parking and restroom options west to east

Mile 0 – Squire Gratz Road Parking Lot – small parking lot for 6 – 8 cars

Mile 1.5 – Pinchot Park Boat Launch – large parking lot that hold at least 20 vehicles; restroom facility

Mile 2.8 – Pinchot Campground Entrance – very large parking lot a short walk down the entrance roadway

Mile 4.5 – Conewago Day Use Area – very large parking lot; restroom facility

Mile 5.5 – Pinchot Boat Launch – parking lot; restroom facility

Mile 6.8 – Alpine Road Parking Lot – small parking lot holds 6 cars

Mile 11.6 – Mountain Grove Chapel Church – Ask permission (I also made a donation to the church in gratitude)

Mile 15.4 – Wendy’s and Rutter’s parking lots; restrooms open to patrons

Mile 20.6 – Northeastern High School – very large parking lot

Mile 22.3 – Gut Road – Road side parking in various pull-offs

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