Mason Dixon Trail – Map 1

Appalachian Trail at Whiskey Spring Road to Pinchot State Park

The Mason Dixon Trail begins at the intersection of the Appalachian Trail and Whiskey Spring Road near Boiling Springs, PA. The terminus is about 3 miles south of the original AT halfway point, Center Point Knob.

Mason Dixon Trailhead on Whiskey Spring Road, Boiling Springs, PA

The first 11.2 miles of the trail travels along secondary roads. Motorists seem to be accustomed to pedestrians in this area and wave as they move to the other side of the road.

Quaint country bridge on Old Cabin Hollow Road, erected in 1918 by County Commissioners.
A lovely tree-lined Cabin Hollow Road, Dillsburg, PA.

The only road challenge in this section is at mile 6.3, where the M-D T crosses a very busy, 4 lane Route 15. I did not actually walk across Rt. 15. After waiting over 20 minutes for an opportunity to cross, my husband arrived in our SUV, drove southbound to find a turn around, and then finally deposited me safely on the other side of 15. I honestly do not know how pedestrians can safely cross the road, as there are not cross walks and there is almost constant traffic.

Trying to cross Route 15 proved to be impossible.
The trail leaves Old York Road and joins Lisburn Road in Warrington Township.

At mile 11.2, the M-D T leaves the road and joins a State Game Land trail for 2.1 miles, crosses Old York Road, and then continues in the game lands until mile 15.5.

State Game Lands trail connects Robson and Old York Roads

This section is tick-infested in the summer! I rarely get ticks, but after walking through these fields, my husband, dogs and I had over 50 ticks combined! Be sure to wear pants and tons of insect repellant.

State Game Lands between Old York Road and Honey Road consist of fields and forest paths.

With the exception of a half mile trek along the berm of busy Old York Road, the final 2.4 miles travel on lightly trafficked back roads to Gifford Pinchot State Park.

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Parking and restroom options west to east

Terminus at Whiskey Spring Road – A few roadside parking spots near the AT entrance and a second pull-off 500′ south of the trailhead

Mile 4.2 – Local park parking lot at 1201 S Mountain Road and Water Street, Dillsburg

Mile 5.7 – Franklin Township Park parking lot and restroom facility

Mile 7 – State Game Lands parking lot at 146 Old Cabin Hollow Road, Dillsburg

Mile 11.1 – State Game Lands parking lot on Old Mountain Road, near the intersection of Robson Road

Mile 13.3 – State Game Lands 242 parking lot on Old York Road

Mile 15.5 – State Game Lands parking lot on Honey Road

Mile 17.9 – Small parking lot on Squire Gratz Road, on the border of Pinchot State Park (Beaver Creek Trail)

The Mason Dixon Trail joins the Beaver Creek Trail located on Squire Gratz Road

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