Mason Dixon Trail – Map 6

PA/MD State Line through Susquehanna State Park to Quarry Road north of Havre de Grace

This 20.5 mile section of the Mason Dixon Trail includes a walk through Maryland’s lovely Susquehanna State Park. Approximately 6.4 miles is on roads, the majority at the beginning and end of the map. The trail passes through Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation, and by the Broad Creek Public Landing, Glen Cove Marina, Fisherman’s Park and the Lapidum Boat Ramp. This section ends near the Route 40 overpass in Havre de Grace, MD.

PA-MD State Line, Tabernacle Road

From the PA-MD state line, walk 1.1 miles on Tabernacle Road, a very lightly travelled road in Whiteford, MD. Turn left onto Flintville Road (Route 623) and follow the sky blue blazes along the road, into the woods and back onto the roadway, crossing the bridge pictured below (mile 2.8).

Bear left and then right onto the old Flintville Road bed. The next 3 miles, the trail changes from flat, to stone road, to rock strewn dirt.

Old Flintville roadbed

The trail returns to views of the Susquehanna River, mile 6.3 and then follows the inlet for Glen Cove Marina. The Marina has bathrooms, picnic areas and a large parking lot.

Pass the marina office and bathrooms, and continue on a gravel road marked “Private Drive No Trespassing”. Be on the lookout for the blazes and white post marker. We accidentally missed the right hand turn onto the trail by 20′, and a pretty scary lady in a big truck drove after us, yelling that we were on her private property. She did not accept our apology, so save yourself the aggravation of a grumpy encounter.

At mile 7.7, leave the woods and enter the field of a lovely 320-acre farm. The fence is electric so use extreme caution if hiking with pets. We easily entered the farm through the gate, but struggled to get the dogs up and over the steps to return to the woods.

Cross Hopkins Creek at mile 8.4 and follow the trail along Hopkins Cove, an inlet of the Susquehanna River.

Continue 1 mile on the trail, ascending to the happy face and a large highway sign post, then exit the woods to walk through the Conowingo Visitor’s Center entrance. There are restrooms on this site, but they are only open during peak season.

Carefully cross Route 1, a high traffic state roadway, and continue on the trail for .4 mile. Cross Shuresville Road and join a grassy trail. From here, return to a wooded dirt trail that descends gradually, ending a Fisherman’s Park, mile 10.4.

Walking through Fisherman’s Park is a highlight of this map. We saw hundreds of Turkey Buzzards in trees and on the grass. But the best part was spotting several Bald Eagles perched upon large rocks in the Susquehanna and flying overhead. Alas, I did not get photos of the eagles, but they were quite regal.

Turkey Buzzards in Fisherman’s Park, Mason Dixon Trail

The Mason Dixon Trail joins the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, a flat rail trail, and enters the Maryland Susquehanna State Park. Stay on the greenway for 2 miles, then veer to the left toward the river.

At mile 13.5, the trail joins Stafford Road. Follow the blazes through a parking lot and along the road, and onto a rock strewn trail, climbing 250′ and descending the same elevation amount over the course of 1 mile.

Return to roadway, passing the historic Carter Archer Mansion and the Rock Run Grist Mill.

From Stafford Road, mile 15, veer right and follow the dirt path uphill (240′ elevation climb). A sign post designates the path as Ridge Trail, and the blue blazes are evident on the trees.

Continue 1 mile on trail, descending steeply for .1 mile to Lapidum Road. There is a large parking lot near the river and a smaller trail parking area on Stafford Road.

At mile 16.1, follow the blazes and walk on Lapidum Road for 2.4 miles, crossing I95 on a walking bridge. Turn left onto Level Road (Route 155) and walk 1.3 miles.

At mile 19.8, turn left onto Graceview Drive, then take the next left onto Quarry Road. At mile 20.5, turn right onto a gravel road, James E Walker Jr Drive. This is an access road to the Havre de Grace Police Department Firearms Range.

Printable PDF Map 6

Parking options west to east

Mile 3.1 – Paddrick Road (at Route 623); parking area slightly west of the MDTS

Mile 6.5 – Glen Cove Road; Glen Cove Marina Parking Lot

Mile 9.2 – Conowingo Road (Route 1); Conowingo Visitor’s Center Parking Lot

Mile 10.1 – Shures Landing Road; Fisherman’s Park Parking Lot

Mile 13.7 – Stafford Road; small Susquehanna State Park Parking Lot

Mile 14.9 – Stafford Road near Historic Grist Mill, Susquehanna State Park Parking Lot

Mile 16.2 – Stafford Road near Lapidum Road; small parking area

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