The Space Between, where I share what happens during the “spaces” in my life. The space is the region between two locations. It is what takes place between two points of time. And it is the period between two stages of life. Sometimes the space is vast and long lasting and other times it is small and fleeting. I often write about physical space: the trail, the miles and the elevation to my final destination. It is fun to share a map, some photographs and a recap of adventures.  Other times I write about the emotional space in my life, honestly sharing the thoughts and feelings that arise during everyday and extraordinary life events. 

A little bit about me

I am a God-loving, healthy lifestyle enthusiast, mother of 4, grandmother of 5, animal obsessed and married to my best friend.  Life is good!

Faith and family:

My Christian faith and my family are the most important things in my life. I have been blessed with a close-knit crew and I savor my time with each one, from my oldest son to the youngest grandchild. Love and laughter abound.

Proof of God’s blessings. I adore my growing family. ❤️


I am passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of others and have devoted my entire career to implementing healthy living opportunities for those within my community.  I work collaboratively with others in various sectors such as business, education, government and healthcare, to increase physical activity, improve healthy food access and decrease exposure to and use of tobacco products.  My passion is working with the disparaged populations, helping them to have the same opportunities for healthy living as the others in our community.


I love being physically active.  I began teaching both group exercise in the 1980s, before fitness was an industry and have never stopped.  I have far too many group exercise, personal training and yoga certifications to list!  I currently teach Les Mills BODYPUMP and a variety of yoga classes each week.  My personal yoga and pilates practices keep me energized, injury-free and grounded.  My absolute favorite activity is hiking, and therefore I spend most weekends on a trail somewhere in this beautiful country.



Hike Podcast with Lori Prima – Season 7, Episode 5 – April 18, 2023 – The evolution of my hiking journey
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Guest Blogs:

Candidly Christian

Lament to Forgive – June 2021
Turning to the Psalms to ease a heartbreak

No Sweat York

For several years, I was a guest blogger for No Sweat York, our local newspaper blog site

I don’t do yoga – October 2016
When I stopped treating yoga as a competition, I was able to realize the full benefits of the practice.

With hiking comes appreciation – June 2016
10 things I most enjoy when hiking.

York area hiker thrives on planning – April 2016
How does a new hiker become a successful hiker? Planning!

Walk often, walk safely – September 2015
Being struck by a car reenergized my efforts for a safe pedestrian community.

When prevention works – July 2015
Hearing Dr. Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary of Health, during a White House event, provided me with a new mantra.

Enthusiasm for exercise – July 2015
Can we create a culture of wellness in our communities?

The gift of life hits close to home – December 2013
I now understand the impact of being an organ donor.

Dancers are athletes – December 2013
Dance is demanding of the mind, body and spirit.

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