AT PA – Lehigh Gap to Smith Gap Road

The hike from Lehigh Gap is uphill for the first mile. It is steep with many rocks and boulders to climb. The ledges are narrow and caution is required. At the top, hikers walk along the ridge line for 12 miles, sometimes over rock fields in full sun, and other times on grassy, flat sections in the shade of the woods.

A view of the Lehigh River, halfway to the top of the climb.
Hike difficulty classification (link)
DifficultyExtremely Difficult
Geographic locationLehigh Gap, PA
Trailhead parking optionsParking lot for 12 cars
Trail amenitiesPrivy located at the William Penn Shelter
Elevation - trailhead516'
Elevation - highest peak1,552'
Elevation gain2,365'
Total mileage13.79 miles
Water sourcesSmith Gap Spring at the end, down a side trail
Highlights Hand over hand boldering; views of the Lehigh River and Valley
The rocky face of the AT north of Lehigh Gap.

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