Hike for H2O

A fundraising hiking challenge

Water is essential for life.

And yet, more than 2 billion people live without easy access to clean water. 
You can help!


Join the 2021 challenge and hike a minimum of 4 miles during the program period. Why 4 miles? To honor the women and children who walk 4 miles each day to gather unclean and unsafe water for their families.


100% of the proceeds benefit 3 nonprofit organizations, each one building wells and creating sustainable change in 3 African countries.


Ask your friends, family members and colleagues to sponsor your walk. Just $25 provides a year of clean water for 5 people.

Create Awareness.

Change occurs when people champion a cause. Spread the word to encourage others to help make a difference.

Our goal

365 hikers, each walking 4 miles and raising $100, will provide funds for new wells in 3 African countries, providing sustainable LIFELONG water for more than 7,000 people.

Learn more at www.HikeForH2O.org

The Hike for H2O nonprofit partners:

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